Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tiger Wood Triple Boogey

Tiger Wood Triple boogey
By Shishir Inocalla

Dec. 9, 2009
Championsgate, Florida

November 27, 2009 Tiger Woods the greatest golfer in the world crashed his car outside his Isleworth home. Days later, rumors were are all over the news. It was not a car accident. He was beaten by his wife for cheating… Days and weeks pass and the story gets worse. He pulled out from the golf tournament he was hosting and several mistresses and girlfriends came forward jumping on the band wagon. It is Tiger mania - the Tiger triple bogeyed in real life drama.

Unfortunately, Tiger is not prepared for this kind of attention. Never despite all his golf victories and money has he had so much publicity. All of a sudden he finds himself in a middle of a media frenzy and sadly he cannot do anything about it even if he tries - it is out of control. This is the hottest story today. Tabloids and the national media are covering the story nonstop and people will talk about this for years to come.

Never in his life could Tiger imagine this kind of attention and negative propaganda. All along he was Mister Perfect. He was a role model. Everyone adored him. Corporate sponsors were lining up and paying him big money. A true Champion in golf and in life. But as life rolls on.. it is a process. Just like waves of the ocean. It goes up and it comes down. It is a journey. A life learning process. For Tiger this is the biggest challenge he is facing now. How can one have a triple bogey in real life turn it around and still shoot par? My brotherly advice is for Tiger to be true to himself. Admit his fault. Forgive himself, his wife and the “girlfriends”, the press and his friends for criticizing him. It is time to face the music. He was able to get away this far. The universe is guided by Karmic Law. Action and re-action. Whatever you plant, you will sow. No one is beyond this law. So long as we have a human body we are all moving towards improvement. Disaster, victories. achievements, wealth, fame are life dramas. We are all moving towards our destiny. A continuous search to improve our body, mind and spirit. To become one with oneself.

In this world it is not easy for anyone to be so famous, so rich and so good and not to attract attention from the vultures and negative energies in the community. Sexuality, fame, drugs, money, ego are part of our everyday life. Being a golf mega star is like being a god in the material world. Anyone, Tiger Woods, President Bill Clinton, President John F. Kennedy, Muhammad Ali, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Elvis Presley, priest and pastors are all human beings. We all bogey or even worse. We are all in the cycle of life drama. To get lost in this karmic drama will only lead to more triple bogies. The best thing to do for Tiger is to learn to accept his wins as well as his mistakes. His greatness in golf can be applied to his life. Practice forgiveness, letting go, non-expectation and maintain focus on the “birdie” feelings. Yes, he triple bogeyed. So what, everybody makes a bogey or worse. Let go, learn from this experience and move on. Another day comes every day, a new beginning. Just like every hole he finishes. Next shot.

Obviously, there is no quick fix. Tiger needs to look within himself and try to understand his true Self. His life value. This is where spiritual practice comes handy. When nothing else works and does not make sense. Communicate with and feel the spirit Self. Let the positive energy flow. The spirit is connected to the higher Self. All along the answer is within. In golf we can easily get immediate bio-feedback of our action. Open the club face and you hit a slice, close the club and you will hook, tee up the ball and it will fly up etc… Learning to be disciplined in golf is like learning a true life lesson. It needs heart to heart understanding, patience, practice, spiritual discipline, enjoyment and feeling. Learning life lessons is a lot slower than golf but it follows the same principles. It is a Journey, David Leadbetter says “a life long game”.

Some of the questions Tiger can ask himself. “Who am I? What do I really want? Does golf make me happy? Do I need love or pleasure? How important are my kids to me? What is my purpose and goal in life? What do I want to accomplished in Golf? Or do I want to be myself in peace?

For me Tiger means strong, brave, intelligent and caring. This is what I know of Tiger. Be truthful and be strong. Take a stand.
Tiger-the man needs to decide his own life. Obviously, whatever he decides it will have a Karmic reaction. The press, his fans and everyone else will be quick to judge, criticize, adore, him or tear him apart. This is where the Tiger magic comes to play, his spirit force can be very useful. How to turn the triple bogey into par. Whatever decision Tiger Woods will make it must be from the heat. Fully accept it and lead his life.. fully completely and enjoy…

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