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Micheal Jackson dead age 50 "what can we do?"

Micheal Jackson died at the age 50 “What can we do?”
By Shishir Inocalla
June 27, 2009

June 24 Micheal Jackson- King of pop was announced died of cardiac arrest in Los Angeles hospital. It will take some weeks before we will know the true cause of his death. His family lawyer and other close people said that he had been taking several medications for pain. Michael J was going thru lots pressure both from his personal and professional career. He was launching a comeback Tour in Europe July 2009.
Ana Nicole Smith- singer, actress was also pronounced died from overdose of medication. Heith Ledger- Played “Joker” in the latest Batman movie also died of medication.
In Stargate Inocalla Wellness- performance Spa in Marion, Virginia. My sister Dr. Marilou Inocalla MD, ND came to see a client. She looks gloomy and walks very slow for aches and pain. She told Dr. Inocalla she has chronic fatigue and has been diagnosed with multiple diseases like multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia and Lyme decease, she believe she is dying. Her family doctor gave her 6 months to live. She has been under pain medication for several years. Unfortunately her condition deteriorated and got worse. After 2 hours of consultation and use of natural remedies for her physical, emotional and spiritual life. She walks out of the Spa with less pain and great hope to live.
My pro golf client told me she takes pain medication every time she feels aching and sore to train and compete. Unfortunately, in one of the big event she had to withdraw from golf tournament because her pain is unbearable even she already took double the medication.
It is sad that our young bright individuals such as Michael, Ana, Heith and millions more are dying because they did not learn to communicate and respect their body, mind and spirit needs. In natural healing it is a must that we learn to respect and listen to our bodies inner voice. Our body is created with wonderful tools to get stronger, healthier and fights off any sickness and imbalances it faces daily. We have white blood cells that fights off diseases. We have nervous systems that serve as our antennae to see incoming problems that can cause deceases in our body. Our aches and pains are there to warn us of imbalances and potential chronic sickness such as cancer, heart attack, diabetes, etc.
Unfortunately, when we do not listen to our bodies and defy our sensor such as inflammation, aches and pain. Taking drugs and medication or numbing our neuro-receptors. We push-off our human limit to be able to fight deceases. By resorting to drugs and pain medications we do not give chance to our natural body protectors to fight. And worse we do not give ourselves a chance to get stronger to fight diseases. We have to understand that aches, pain, diseases are natural and part of our daily living. By numbing the pain and use of drugs we eliminate our natural fighting cells. In the end we lose the battle and expose ourselves from possibly a fatal attack.
What to do?
1 Respect the mind, body and spirit.
2. Listen and communicate, be-friend your body and mind.
3. Rest when you are tired, understand your body needs.
4. Inspire your spirit, live a healthy lifestyle.
5. Do not over do and do not under do. Learn to balance.
6. Use natural means such as homeopathic, naturopathic, herbal medicines.
7. Do regular exercises and eat healthy foods.
8. Drink lots of water and maintain body’s Ph balance.
9. Pray meditate and open your heart to the great source.
10. Study, learn and improve oneself.
11. Associate and surround yourself with healthy people.

As human being we have higher intelligence. We should understand and take responsibility to our body, mind and spiritual health. Doctors and medication are there to assist us to attain balance, well-being and attain greatness. Our body and mind is our vehicle and the highest instrument to achieve our goals. Our mistakes, distractions, conflict, sickness, aches and pains are lesson to learn from. Life is a continuous learning process. Any overuse, neglect and avoiding the imbalances in our bodies will only make matter worse. It is fatal and deadly when we do not learn and refuse to change.
Micheal Jackson, Elvis Presley, Jimmy Henrix are legends and icons. Lets us give them our respect and learn from their paths. Let us seek balance, harmony to our body, mind and spirit.

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  1. I totally agree with Shishir Inocalla. Being a chronic fatigue doctor I can say that the chronic fatigue syndrome may be one of the reason for the death of MJ.

  2. Balance body mind and spirit gives balance and wellness in our daily life.