Wednesday, December 16, 2009

BMST Training

BMST -(Body mind spirit trainning) system, Arnis, Chi golf, wellness, Yoga.
Seminars in Vancouver, Richmond, BC Dec 18-Jan 4. go to

Classes and seminars in Orlando, Haines City, Groveland Florida
Marion, Virginia, Brazilia, Brazil, Vancouver, Richmond, BC Canada

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  1. So much to do with quality time. I was in the Philippines Since February 2011. I visited my home town in Bicol and met my friends and family in Manila. I was specially moved with all the changes and progress in the Philippines. Traffic, pollution and homeless mothers and families in Manila took my heart. I have to make an adjustment in my day to day lifestyle and routines. I was so comfortable in USA and Canada. Inspight 0f the daily struggles I felt a deep belonging and need to stay longer in the Philippines and develop projects there. I started my BMST Studio in Manila and Wellness community in Paracale Camarines Norte. This is to train and educate students to Wellness and sports performance both in the city and in the province. The goal is to educate people in healthy lifestyle living, creating opportunities,self-sufficiency, wellness training, housing, planting, medical care, mass feeding for the poor, golf, yoga, tai-chi.
    Sept 1 I am back in Orlando I started working in my website, filming and teaching and certifications. I will visit Vancouver and go back to Phil mid Oct.
    For more information go to my